Want a Commision Done?Please read this first!Prices are all in USD!


Sketches start at $2. Can be digitally or traditionally sketched.Additional Costs:
+$1 for an extra charecter

Digital Example

Traditional Example

Basic Colors

Basic colors do not include shading or only have a minimal amount of shading.
Starts at $4.
Additional Costs:
+$1 for an extra charecter
+$4 for background (for traditional)

Digital Example

Traditional Example

Cell-Shaded Pieces

Cell-shaded pieces include basic dark shading and may or may not include lighting as well, depending on the piece. Simple backgrounds require no additional cost.
They start at $10.

Additional Costs:
+$1 for an extra charecter
+$2 for landscape backgrounds

Simple/No background

Landscape background

Experimental Stuff

Other things that I can do!-- No additional costs at the moment --These are all things that I have tried out only about once or twice, they are not guarenteed to be perfect. (They also take a longer time than the above commissions)However, you're helping me with my artistic journey if you decide to!

Paintly Style - $15

Prismacolours - $13

What can I do?

I can draw:
✓ Animals (Closed species included! Just make sure to have a reference)
✓ Humans
✓ Fanart
I cannot draw:
✗ Realism
✗ NSFW or Gore
✗ Body horror
✗ Anthropomorphic animals


You can find me in the social media listed below, or email me (also listed below) if you have any further questions and/or would like a commission request
| Commission Sheet:
Not entirely compulsory to follow
Type of commision:
Commision add on's (if applicable):
Character(s) (Please include a reference):
More info about the character(s): [If it isn't already stated in the reference]
Poses, expressions, something for them to do?:
Extras: [Backgrounds, additional references etc. etc.]
Background image made by me